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How to Slow Down, Pause, or Stop Projects Safely

Once you have decided that a project needs to slow down, pause, or stop what are the next steps required to safely enact that decision. Part 2 of our series Difficult Project Decisions
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Project Prioritisation in Difficult Circumstances

Difficult decisions sometimes need to be made about the continuing viability of any project. How do you properly assess the options available? This is the first article in our series Difficult Project Decisions

Project Management: Experience or Qualifications?

Qualifications can be a gateway into a successful career in Project Management. But what is relative the value of these qualifications once you start gaining that all-important experience in a PM role? Projecting’s Jane Ryan shares her own experiences…

AI for Projecting clients

A year ago we introduced Projecting's sister company DELTA AI, and the types of AI solutions they can offer. Since then, we’ve talked about AI with many Projecting current or potential clients keen to understand its potential, and we are already working with a company in the Wealth industry on a transformation project with an AI component.
Juggling Chainsaws

Juggling Chainsaws

There have been many metaphors used for Project Management, such as “spinning plates”. We explain why we think "Juggling Chainsaws" is more appropriate, and how to master the art and deal with the inevitable drops.
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How Do You Make Your Projects Client-centric?

Client-centric is an approach that focuses on creating a positive experience for the client. It is something that is easy to talk about, but can be difficult to achieve in practice. Monica Johnston discusses the practical steps that can be taken.
Data governance
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Dude, where’s my data?

There are many questions companies need to ask themselves about data following regulatory changes such as GDPR, particularly within Financial Services. Projecting can help with the answers.
Project Checklist

Steps to Success on Technology Projects

There have been some very high profile, and some less high profile, IT project failures and outages in the past couple of years. David Hamilton explains the pitfalls and gives our tips for success.
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FCA Investment Platforms Market Study interim report

The 2018 FCA Platform Review interim report highlighted that the challenges of the costs and charges reporting requirement due in January 2019.
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How to kill a Zombie Project

It’s not only people who can become zombies; it’s projects too. But how do you identify and kill a Zombie Project? David Hamilton explains...
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Introducing DELTA AI

Introducing DELTA AI - implementing and delivering practical Artificial Intelligence solutions for all parts of the financial services sector. The first in a series of articles on this part of the Projecting Group.
Map and Compass
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Navigating at Speed

The project manager is constantly assessing the position and navigating the project through an ever-changing landscape of priorities. We offer tips to steer towards calmer seas.
Reading regulations on holiday

FCA Business Plan 2018-19

Summer is here - time to enjoy the fine weather; the sport; holidays; and to consider your approach to regulation following publication of the FCA Business Plan 2018-19. No, really.
Keep Calm and Plan for GDPR

GDPR – Taking Stock

With a couple of months to go until GDPR becomes law, how far up (or down) the Information Commissioners 12 steps are you from compliance? We would like to give some practical guidance and advice, as well as share our experience to date.
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I’ve Started So I’ll Finish

In an ideal world you would have the same project manager from start to finish, but the reality is that this doesn’t always happen. When it does happen, you should not be surprised but you should be prepared.
Hindsight article

Hindsight – The Unkindest Cut of All

As project managers and business analysts, we have all looked back at our successes and failures and thought, why did we do that? Iain Mailer explains how to maximise the benefits of doing so.
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How to Create Sense on Projects

In our view Project Management is not common sense, but a common sense is important for project success. Here are our top tips for "creating common sense" on your project.
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Is Project Management Common Sense?

Lots of people will tell you that project management is just common sense, including project managers. We are not so sure...
DF at Lisbon Web Summit

10 non-banking things I learnt at Web Summit

I recently attended Web Summit in Lisbon. Here are 10 things I learned...