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Whose Project is it anyway?

On Projects there is sometimes an assumption that you ‘just know’ what you should be doing, but that is rarely the case. This short article explains what to think about and what to ask.
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Turning Projects Around

We often get asked to help turn around projects that are struggling. How do you do it? There is no right answer, but we've written this short article with some thoughts and tips.
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Are Project Management skills transferable?

Can a project manager work on any project, with transferable skills that will work in any sector? Or do you need to have a specialism to be truly effective? Matt Howells discusses.
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The Influence of Scale on Projects

As with many aspects of life, considering the impact of size and scale on projects can determine the approach taken to planning and delivery. Matt Howells keeps it in the family while sharing experiences of working with projects and organisations large and small.
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Nuevos retos de la digitalización bancaria

Clara Hernando analiza los nuevos retos de la digitalización bancaria y cómo adaptarse a las exigencias que la digitalización implica.

Assembling Furniture like a Project Manager

Climb inside the mind of a Project Manager when faced with one of life's greatest challenges: flat-pack furniture assembly. David Hamilton takes us through initiation to go-live and everything in-between.

Communication for Project Managers

Communication is a fundamental core skill for a Project Manager, and perhaps the most important. Monica Johnston explains why every PM should have a communication toolbox and know how, and when, to use it.
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Is it time for an office move?

We know lots of companies are actively looking at their property strategy. At Projecting we have a lot of experience in project managing property moves. This article by Matt Howells covers some of the things that you’ll need to think about.