Communication for Project Managers

Communication is a fundamental core skill for a Project Manager, and perhaps the most important. Monica Johnston explains why every PM should have a communication toolbox and know how, and when, to use it.
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Is it time for an office move?

We know lots of companies are actively looking at their property strategy. At Projecting we have a lot of experience in project managing property moves. This article by Matt Howells covers some of the things that you’ll need to think about.
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Remote Go-live implementations

Remote working does not have to be a barrier to a successful delivery of a key project. Monica Johnston recalls a recent successful implementation and gives our top-tips from the experience.
RAG status

APM Blog – RAG Status

David Hamilton recently had two instalments of a blog on the use of RAG status in projects published by the Association for Project Management. Read at the links to the APM site.
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Cómo ralentizar, interrumpir o detener proyectos de forma segura

Una vez se ha tomado la decision de que un proyecto debe ralentizarse, interrumpirse o detenerse, ¿cuáles son los siguientes pasos para hacerlo de manera segura? Segunda parte de nuestra serie Difficult Project Decisions
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Priorizar proyectos en circunstancias difíciles

En ocasiones hay que tomar decisions complicadas acerca de la viabilidad futura de un proyecto. ¿Cómo deben evaluarse las opciones disponibles? Este es el primer articulo en nuestra serie Decisiones complicadas de proyecto

Project Management: Experience or Qualifications?

Qualifications can be a gateway into a successful career in Project Management. But what is relative the value of these qualifications once you start gaining that all-important experience in a PM role? Projecting’s Jane Ryan shares her own experiences…

Inteligencia Artificial para clientes de Projecting

Hace un año publicamos un artículo (en inglés) presentando a DELTA AI, la marca hermana de Projecting enfocada en la Inteligencia Artificial (IA). Desde entonces, el equipo de DELTA ha estado hablando con clientes potenciales acerca de la…